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Serius Dowh - Why You Never See These Google Logo (8 gambar)

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Hey u all

Bila korang taip je google.com kat korang punya 'browser', korang mesti pergi ke enjin carian google dan korang mesti nampak logo google, betul tak? Kadang-kadang, logo google tersebut bertukar-tukar mengikut perayaan-perayaan atau sambutan-sambutan yang di sambut di seluruh dunia. Tapi adakah korang tahu terdapat beberapa logo google yang telah di tolak dan tidak di tunjukkan kepada korang? Jum tengok sebahagian dari logo-logo yang tidak berjaya untuk di tunjukkan kepada korang.

Supposed to be celebrating: Children’s Day 2003.
Reason for rejection: Too childish.

Supposed to be celebrating: 150 Years of Cigarettes.
Reason for rejection: Too politically incorrect.

Supposed to be celebrating: 50th Anniversary of Product Placement.
Reason for rejection: Starbucks didn’t pay enough.

Supposed to be celebrating: 5 Years of Google motto “Don’t be evil.”
Reason for rejection: Too self-obsessed.

Supposed to be celebrating: 130th Birthday of Mondrian.
Reason for rejection: Too abstract.

Supposed to be celebrating: 20th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Reason for rejection: Severe complaints by the Pet Duck Association.

Supposed to be celebrating: The 65th Birthday of Googol, a 1 with 100 zeroes.
Reason for rejection: Too geeky.

Supposed to be celebrating: This was one of two drafts to honor M.C. Escher.
Reason for rejection: Too creepy

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