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Weirdo Dowh - Weird Social Advertising Around The World (15 gambar)

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Hey u all

Setiap iklan memberi makna yang berbeza untuk setiap orang, betul tak? Apa yang korang fikirkan apabila melihat sesuatu iklan berbeza antara korang semua. Sebab itu, kuasa viral pengiklanan adalah berpengaruh. Hanya dengan iklan, kita semua akan terkesan sekiranya iklan tersebut memberi makna yang mendalam kepada kita semua. Korang kene tengok iklan-iklan dari serata dunia kat bawah ni.

1. Jobsintown Advertisement

2. If you pay a prostitute – you finance the trade in human beings Advertisement

3. Skin Cancer Advertisement

4. Check The Gas Advertisement

5. Human Rights Advertisement

6. Save Paper Advertisement

7. Stop Violence Against Women Advertisement

8. Massage the Breast to Identify an Early Stage Cancer Advertisement

9. Prevention of Major Cardiovascular Diseases Advertisement

10. Stay on Our Side. Report on Violence Advertisement

11. Do Not Hide The Violence Advertisement

12. Against Violence Advertisement

13. Turn Off Your Tv, Start Living Advertisement

14. Do Not Buy Souvenirs Made From Leather of Exotic Animals (WWF) Advertisement

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September 10, 2012 at 10:41 PM

Iklan mula-mula tu stylo. haha

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